Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bridge Bidding Cheat Sheet

There's a lot to remember when you start learning to play bridge.  How many points do you need to open the bidding?  Can you open the bidding if you hold fewer points?  When should you make a major suit bid?  When to make a minor suit bid, or a No Trumps bid.  Should you support partner's suit or bid another suit?  Do you have enough points to bid for game, or maybe to bid for a small or large slam?

There's a lot to remember and it can be embarrassing and stressful if you forget or get it wrong.  The perfect answer is a bridge bidding cheat sheet.  Then you will have all the basic bidding facts in a handy, easy to read guide to help you to make the correct bid quickly and without embarrassment.

Where will you find a bridge bidding cheat sheet?  At No Fear Bridge, of course!  Members can download the crib sheet, print it out and have it handy whenever they are playing bridge online - or practicing their bridge bidding and play exercises.

How do you become a member?  That's easy too.  If you want to learn to play Acol bridge just click here NOW. (Acol bridge is widely played in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand)

If you want to learn to play American Standard bridge, just click here NOW. (American Standard bridge is widely played online and in most of the rest of the world)

Whichever system you choose to play, the bridge bidding cheat sheet will help you on your way.
Bridge cheat sheet - small extract
Bridge Bidding Cheat Sheet

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