Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bridge Bidding Flash Cards

Bridge bidding flash cards are a simple and easy way of improving your bridge bidding.

How Do They Work?

The front of the card has a question on a bidding topic of your choice.  You just read the question and work out your answer.

You might find it helpful to use a real pack of cards.  Deal yourself the hand shown on the flash card, which will help bring the question to life.

When you have worked out the answer - or if you don't know the answer - click on the card to display the answer.

Here are a couple of Acol bridge samples for you to try.  (Unlike on the real site, these aren't clickable, just scroll down for the answers).

Sample 1
This sample is on the topic of Stayman bidding

bridge bidding flash card

Sample 2
This sample is on the topic of opening bids in Acol bridge

Here are the answers.  Did you get them right?
Sample 1
Sample 2

Now you can see how the flash cards work, why not join No Fear Bridge for your two week free trial.  Look in the "My Flash Cards" section and  you will find flash cards on a wide range of topics for you to practice.  You can see more samples at Blueberry Bridge.

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