Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bridge Bidding Practice

Like most skills the game of bridge needs practice!  You might be a member of your local bridge club or class - and meet once a week.  It's easy to forget what you have learnt in between sessions.

Imagine trying to learn to drive a car with just weekly lessons and no practice in between.  It would take much longer to get proficient, wouldn't it?

It's exactly the same with bridge bidding.  To improve your skill you will want to do some bridge bidding practice in between.  The good news is that you can easily practice your bridge bidding online at any time at No Fear Bridge

No Fear Bridge is the UK's leading bridge practice site.  You will find hundreds of fun, interactive tutorials, hands, quizzes and handouts.

There are loads of interactive, bridge bidding practice hands. Choose your bid and click.  If your answer is incorrect you will be prompted to "Try Again".  Some of the hands also have audio feedback if you make an incorrect bid, to help you learn why your bid was incorrect.

No software download is required - all the interactive activities are played online.  You can practive bridge bidding and practice strategies for play.  There are activities for beginners, improvers and advancers.

Try the weekly quiz and see if you can get your name on the leaderboard.   Look at your own personal progresss graph and see how  your skills improve.

Best of all, you get two week's completely free membership, with no credit card details required.  Head over now for some bridge bidding practice.

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