Tuesday, 28 April 2009

ACOL Bridge Scoring

As a member of the No Fear Bridge site you will find a range of helpful handouts, including two on bridge scoring.

The extract shown here is from the one for duplicate bridge.  There is also a handout for rubber bridge.

You can find this and a range of other helpful handouts in the "handouts" section of the No Fear Bridge membership site.

Click Here to sign up for your completely free, two weeks trial. It gives you unlimited access to all the quizzes, tutorials, videos, handouts, flash cards and help you need to help you become a better bridge player.  Once your trial has expired you can join for one year, or for a great discount, join for two years.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Learn ACOL bridge bidding with the Weekly Quiz

On the No Fear Bridge membership site you will find a weekly quiz to help you practice your ACOL bridge bidding.
Each week you will find a set of 20 questions. See how many you can answer correctly. Your answers are recorded so you can see a graph of your personal progress. A great learning tool. There is also a weekly leaderboard (only usernames are displayed, not real names). See if you can score 20/20 and be top of the weekly leaderboard.
This quiz is so popular that there will soon be a more advanced version for users who regularly score 20/20.
If you would like to try the quiz, head over to the No Fear Bridge site and sign up for your free two week trial (no credit card details required).

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bridge Jargon

Like any game - the game of bridge has its jargon. This can be daunting for beginners - struggling to learn how to play and learn the meaning of terms. At the No Fear Bridge membership site you will find a printable glossary of terms to help you.

There is a free two week trial, but membership costs just £10 for 3 months or £32 for a year. Join for a year and have unlimited access to the best bridge learning resource on the net.