Saturday, 24 January 2009

Opening the Bidding

In many ways the opening bid is the most important of the game. If you get your opening bid wrong there is nothing your partner can do to help.

How to make the correct opening bid is one of the first skills you will learn when you are a bridge beginner. It is a skill that takes practice and ----- well -----more practice!

I have found a brilliant quizz on the No Fear Bridge Membership site. There are thirteen questions (is that an unlucky number? I hope not, my opening bidding needs all the help it can get.)

Each question has a choice of four answers. If you choose the wrong answer, you will be given an explanation of why it was wrong.

You can try the quiz as many times as you like. No-one's watching you - and your computer won't count how many tries it takes to get the answers correct. Take your time and learn from your wrong answers. It isn't a competition - take as long as you need to learn.

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