Monday, 12 January 2009

Learn bridge bidding with the weekly bidding quiz

As a beginner I am trying to learn bridge bidding. Fortunately for me, the members' area at No Fear Bridge includes a weekly bidding quiz. I thought I'd have a try.

There are 20 questions in each week's quiz. With each question you are shown your hand, told which position you are playing and given the bidding history. It is your turn to bid and you are given 4 options.

You just use your mouse to select your answer. When you have finished you submit your answers.

The correct answers are shown. The REALLY helpful bit comes if you chose a wrong answer. You are given a clear explanation of why the answer was wrong.

This is a fantastic learning tool. It is fun and there is a weekly leaderboard. Challenge yourself to improve and make it to the top of the weekly leaderboard.

I forgot to tell you. Membership of this site costs just £3 per month, or £30 for a whole year. Be warned - you might find yourself addicted!

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