Friday, 23 January 2009

How to play mini bridge (lesson 2)

At the end of lesson 1 on mini bridge, the person with the most points in their hand became the declarer.

The declarer's partner becomes the dummy and lays their cards on the table so that everyone can see them

Declarer now starts the bidding.  Thanks to Leigh Harding for writing this lesson on bidding for this blog.  As she says, you need to read pages 4 and 5 of her beginner's bridge leaflet.  Just sign up for the mailing list on the right of this blog and you can download the leaflet for FREE. 

(Note:  this post may not display the hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades symbols correctly if you don't have the original font installed on your computer!  I've annotated the first occurence of each symbol so you can see which symbol your computer does display for each of the suits.)


You have 8 (or more) cards in hearts or spades: 

1.  If you have an ‘8 card fit’ (this means at least 8 cards between your hand and dummy) in hearts or spades.  Choose that suit as trumps. 
(ª (hearts) or « (spades) scores 30 points per trick) 

You DON’T have 8 (or more cards in hearts or spades):

2.  Usually choose No Trumps

(NT scores 40 for the first trick and 30 for subsequent tricks)

3.  If you have an 8 card fit in clubs or diamonds, choose clubs or diamonds as trumps only as a last resort.   It is normally better to play in No Trumps with an 8 card fit in clubs or diamonds unless you have a serious weakness in one of the other suits (i.e. the opponents could get a lot of tricks)

      (¨ (clubs) or © (diamonds) score only 20 per trick)


See page 4 and 5 of the booklet about scoring. (Join the mailing list to download the FREE booklet)


If your points add up to 25 or more your targets will be: 

      No Trump        9 tricks  (3NT)

      ª or «             10 tricks (4ª/4«)

      ¨ or ©             11 tricks (5¨/5¨) note because you have to make 11 tricks you really need more like 27+ points

(these are called ‘game’ contracts) 

If your points don’t add up to 25 your targets will be: 

      No Trump   7 tricks 1NT

      ª or «         7 tricks (1ª/1«)

      ¨ or ©        7 tricks (1¨/1©)

(these are called ‘part score’ contracts)

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